We got an email last week saying one of our tutors has left to go to another university, and I’d chosen his ‘Riots and Revolution: Popular Politics and the English Working Class 1770-1848’ module for September :( they’ll either cancel it or get someone shit to cover it and there are no other sem1 modules I want to do ;_;

The best horror writer of the 20th century you’ve probably never heard of was a British woman who looked like a benign but mildly dotty Hogwarts teacher. But do not miss the occult mischief behind those 1980s mom-glasses; in a fairly standard Angela Carter story, Harry Potter would be mauled to death by a werewolf before a pan-species initiation of Hermione’s pubescent sexual power. She made things weird like that, which is why she was great.

Hemlock Grove author Brian McGreevy delivers a tribute to feminist horror writer Angela Carter over on Vulture.

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