mjmoss said: Strong argument for doing what you like!

I do like museums! I just dont wanna do a masters in museums then end up working somewhere else, don’t want it to be a waste of time. I dunno, I gots some thinkin to do

think the boat has sailed for me to do any more work so I’m just gonna watch the Mindy Project all night and feel sorry for myself

mjmoss replied to your post:I’ve also found Cultural History Masters which is…

Depends upon what you want to do after it. The Museums MA sets up for work in any museum the Cultural refines your field of study.

career wise I’d like to do the museums one but with scarce jobs I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t just limit myself to museums? but then the cultural history one feels like something I’m just interested in for me and I’d still be at the same point when I leave that as I am now

anoldrichwhiteman said: Apply for ALL of them! I’m applying for like 9 courses, all slightly different, ust to see what I get, only downside is filling in more dumb online forms

hmmm, I might do, not applying yet just thinking about it… 

I’ve also found Cultural History Masters which is the history I love and it incorporates museums so now I’m confused as to whether I should go for the Museums Masters and get trained for that or do the history one

I genuinely do love working in a museum and everything but I had a bit of an existential crisis last night thinking I should have done a Politics degree

off to uni now, I dont want to go, a one hour talk on WELCOME TO THIRD YEAR IT’S DISSERTATION TIME DON’T HAVE A BREAKDOWN in a room full of people which I despise 80% of and then to see my supervisor to tell him I’ve done barely any work over summer