mjmoss said: Nah I’m kidding, MA is actually fine, no exams, short module essays, and a dissertation. Piece of piss compared to Undergrad 3rd yr

oh thank god haha

mjmoss said: Wait till your masters

dont, im tempted to do it over 2 years bcos i can’t deal with things

my masters will be ok tho bcos there wont be like 4 deadlines in the space of 3 weeks :|

this may be a terrible mistake when i’m on a disso break but i’m about to start the US Office………..

third year is actually going to be the death of me, so exhausted

win-bootler replied to your post:ahahah they’re playing Swim Deep in Caffe Nero …

I always thought they were kinda weird in person

they are! first time i met them they were really shy and like ‘thanks for coming out! see you at the next shows!’ type thing (cos I tweeted them and asked them to play Beach Justice and they did and they were like ‘this one’s for Amber’ hahaha ALMOST DIED) 

then a year later after all the NME hype I saw them in Leeds, they’d just done a DJ set and was talking to Austin and he was just being really shitty with me I was like oh ok then… 

ahahah they’re playing Swim Deep in Caffe Nero

omg remember the first time I met them and they were shy little babies and then the next time I met them they had NME hype so Austin decided to be all sassy with me cos they’re cool lil hipsters now and remember that time that Zachs girlfriend sent me hate on tumblr for apparently posting personal photographs (I didn’t) ahhh simpler times.